Stainless Steel and Glass Balustrades

316L (low carbon, marine) grade stainless is the perfect material for your external balustrade. It’s highly resistant to the elements, and very low maintenance.

Not all balustrades are created equal! Buyer beware....the market is flooded with cheap component based systems! Tubing is cut to size and attached to prefabricated components using glue or even rivets. These have a nasty habit of rattling to bits in the first storm of the season! Our stainless steel balustrades are fully welded and are supplied in one solid, robust unit.

Another key factor is the finish: avoid a satin finish at all costs! Brushed or satin stainless of any grade provides the perfect surface for airborne particles to adhere, and this can cause tarnishing. Our balustrades are polished to the “Super Mirror” standard, and therefore provide the highest resistance to corrosion.

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